Thursday, July 17, 2014


If you're not familiar with the expression "cover flat", it's what the industry calls the flat, unbound cover of a paperback but also by extension the paper dust jacket for a hardcover. Sometimes what looks good on a computer screen isn't nearly as effective when you see it in paper, but this time I actually like the real thing even better than the image I was sent. The title and author name are in copper foil, which is much prettier than it looks in the picture. It also made it extraordinarily difficult to photograph without the foil turning white on me.

I've actually had it a few weeks and posted it on Facebook but forgot to talk about it here. I think this is the first time I've ever received the cover before I was even sent the copyedits. They always print the covers before they print the books, but this is still really early for  a book that won't be released until March. Which I know still seems a long time to  wait....


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful. Maybe everything will be early and they'll move the release to Fall. A girl can dream, can't she? Oh, btw, congrats on selling your mom's house. It sounds like it looked terrific when you guys were done. Here's to hoping for a Hurricane free season coming up for you guys. Take care. Sabena

Anonymous said...

c-i agree - this is a great cover. i like this Sebastian the best. he looks deadly but lovable - is that even possible??? oh well. i can't believe its another 7+ months away. very hard to wait. any more tid bits are always appreciated.
Best, Ali

JustWingingIt said...

It seems like a long time to wait because it IS a long time to wait. LOL! It's a beautiful cover though. I guess I'll have to content myself with a series re-read until I can get my hands on this lovely. Eight months to go!


paz said...

Awesomely spooky cover! Elegant too. Maybe the early cover is what used to called a "subliminal message" -- as in the publishers wanting you to know "we're ready to go whenever you are..."
Well, at least we your readers are ready, willing and (im)patiently waiting. :-D

cs harris said...

Sabena, the problem is it seems to take me about a year to write one of these. I keep trying to speed up, but it doesn't work.

Ali, Gosh, you're right; I didn't realize it's that long still.

Veronica, not quite eight!

Paz, I'm hoping it means they're planning to promote it more.

Lynne said...

Very, very nice. The hat issue isn't nearly as obvious as on the previous cover...quit laughing! It is definitely a cover that would encourage me to check out the book.

Suzanne said...

It looks fantastic, really beautiful. Do you know that Amazon already have it available for pre-order, with a picture of the cover? Needless to say my order is already in.

I can understand how it takes you a year to write a book. Some authors manage to do more, but I firmly believe that quality is preferable to quantity. Your books are definitely quality!!

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Ooh, this is beautiful, awesome news! Great cover and, well, I am coming to think of March as 'Sebastian St. Cyr Month' so I'll do my best to just be patient. Congratulations. You work hard and it shows!

cs harris said...

Lynne, ha!

Suzanne, I didn't know; thanks. This book I'm writing now seems to be taking an extraordinary amount of research, I guess because of the change in setting. And Hero is researching an article about the enclosure movement...

Barbara, thank you!

JustWingingIt said...

Do pre-orders help authors? I've never pre-ordered a book because I like to get it on the day it hits the shelves. If it helps sales in some way though, I'd be happy to pre-order in the future.


Charles Gramlich said...

It looks very good. I love that copper foil kind of print.

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the Roamin' Cat said...
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cs harris said...

Veronica, they do, for several reasons, depending on whether they're ebook or hardcover. Hardcover preorders at a bricks and mortar store help the most in terms of encouraging bookstores to order more books and maybe even display them, but even Amazon preorders encourage publishers to print more. And all those preorders count as sales on the first day, which boosts a book's sales rank and helps get an author on the NYT list (easier than the ebook lists when there are so many indie .99 cent books). But even ebook preorders help because they show interest and, again, those sales all count as first day sales, which can drive a book high enough on Amazon's bestseller list to attract the interest of new readers. I miss the good ole days....

Charles, the foil is really pretty.

Susan J. said...

This cover looks really good, the image does look quite like one imagines Sebastian. Sadly I have not yet even read 'When Kings Confess', as the hardback is about £15.00 here, so I shall have to wait until next March for it to come out in paperback. I've already spent over £50.00 getting up to date with all the previous books in paperback this year, as I could not put them down and had to get the next one! I feel a bit out of it not knowing about the latest plots. Can't wait until next March!

cs harris said...

Susan, wow, 15 pounds is a lot for a hardcover. Sorry you meed to wait so long!

Suzanne said...

You aren't on your own Susan. It seems to be only in the US that books are a reasonable price. When it first became available to order her it was AUS$32.99, which is about 16.50 pounds.

JustWingingIt said...

Thanks for the information on pre-ordering. I will definitely do so from now on. I want to do my part to help this series. :)


cs harris said...

Suzanne, yikes! It's like they're trying to discourage reading.

Veronica, thank you. I was obvious to this myself until I asked.

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