Monday, September 23, 2013

Ask Me Anything Monday

I'm going to try something new here. Is there something you've wanted to know about me or the Sebastian St. Cyr books or any of my other books? If so, click on Comments and ask your question, and I'll do my best to answer.

Rather than answer the questions in the comments section, I'll be answering in upcoming posts. If the answers are short enough, I'll combine a few; if the question requires a longer or more thoughtful answer, or just inspires me to ramble, it might be a post of its own. I also reserve the right to pass on any questions, and I won't give away any secrets.

So, What do you want to know? Fire away.

And yes, that is a picture of my notebook this morning as I sat down to write; almost finished Part Three and getting ready to move on to Part Four. And yes, the book is due soon and I am horribly behind....


JustWingingIt said...

Hmm, the pressure to come up with a good question...

While I ponder that however, I just wanted to let you know how phenonmenal I think this series is. I first started on What Angels Fear on 9/7 and am currently almost halfway through What Darkness Brings. The series really took off for me with the fourth book and I don't think it's a coincidence at all (like Sebastian, I don't believe in those *wink*) that that's the book where Hero stepped up as a character. I adore her and watching her and Sebastian get to know each other and fall in love has been the biggest treat. Plus, you make me "see" and "smell" 18th century London which, while not always a good thing, lol, is awesome in its own right.

So, my question: Which character has evolved the most from what you initially intended - either taking a more prominent role in the story arc or less of one?

Thank you.

JustWingingIt said...

Oh, I forgot (and this is question on a smaller scale), but will Sebastian ever discover that his mother's necklace has 'chosen' Hero?

Rebecca said...

I have a character-related question as well.

Are any of your characters based on real people, historical or living, loosely or firmly?

All of the characters are brought to life so well, I was wondering if you drew inspiration from life, either someone else's or yours!

Elaine P. said...

When writing your mysteries, do you always know who done it when you begin or does the villain sometimes change during the writing of the book?

Anonymous said...

I love the Sebastian series, and it's great that your publishers have shown faith in it by committing to several more.
Since you've managed to get ahead of schedule, have you considered writing another Jax & Tobie book to slot into the 'spare' time? (Although an extra Sebastian book would make me equally happy)

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm just going to hang out for the answers to these great questions.

Anonymous said...

I'm always up for hearing more about Bithil syndrome. What are the odds of inheriting it? (Like what are the odds that the baby will inherit it....hint). Sabena

cs harris said...

JustWingingit, that's an interesting question, and there is someone!

Rebecca, another good question!

Elaine, I suspect this will be one of those "a blog post all by itself"

Lesley, thank you. And yes, I'll address this, too.

Charles, ha!

Sabena, ah, yes; that's a good one.

Anonymous said...

wow these are all good questions. I am always interested in learning more about the regency period, especially about society and customs, clothes, etc. is there any book you would recommend that is not dry as dust? also wondering if Sebastian's "brother" has more to share.....I am finding him very interesting.

paz said...

My questions are all about Tom. I am terribly intrigued by Sebastian's relationship to him. It is a relationship with so many complexities and requires such nuance in both writing and imagining it. Sooo,

What inspired the character?
Do you have plans to develop Tom's backstory?
How do you see Tom's relationship with Sebastian developing?

paz said...

I also second JustWingingIt's interest in the necklace... and might I add, as I think I have before, the relationship between the necklace and the box Sebastian's father gives Hero? (Maybe there isn't any, but inquiring minds and all that...)

Liz said...

My question has to do with your notebook. To what extent do you use a notebook and pencil/pen vs a computer. For instance, do you use the former to organise the plot, and the latter to do the actual writing? My husband wrote his doctoral disseration just before PCs came into use, and he almost lost it when he left the only hard copy in his briefcase on the hood of our car. Thank goodness those days are over!

Anonymous said...

What made you decide to pursue the Sabastian/Hero relationship instead of continuing the Sebastian/Kat relationship?
I am happy you did by the way; Hero is one of my favorite characters.

LOgalinOR said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your historical romance novels. Any chance of writing any more in the future? My other question is, will Sebastian ever meet his mother, or at least know what really happened to her? There was a bit of a teaser in What Darkness Brings, where Hero finds out from her father, Lord Jarvis, that she is very much alive, and that Hero concludes that he knows where she is........enquiring minds, well,...... just would like to know, in the next book, or later perhaps? (she will be a grandma, after all)

Joanne Kerr said...
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cs harris said...

All great questions! I'm going to start answering, but if you think of more, feel free to continue asking.

JustWingingIt said...

Oh, Paz, yes. I want to know about the box that Hendon gave to Hero as well. I really liked that scene overall.

Okay, I have another question. When you are in the plotting phase, do you ever bounce ideas for potential plot points off of family/friends? And if you do, has there ever been an instance when that friend or family member has talked you out of taking the story in a certain direction? NOt to say that you ever relinquish the story to outside forces, but more like something that you yourself were on the fence about and the extra opinion was the tipping force.

JustWingingIt said...

Last question, I swear! I just finished What Darkness Brings the other night and I really loved it. That said, I need some clarification on a certain point.

In Chapter 44, Sebastian has gone home after visting Kat and reminiscing yet again about what might have been. Hero finds him in the dining room, smells oranges and deduces where he's been and who he's been with: "And she knew the pain of a woman who has given her heart to a man who lost his own heart long ago to someone else." My heart broke a little for Hero with that line because it's phrased as if Sebastian's heart has already been given (past tense) and anything now, for Hero, would just be a much paler echo. Is that just Hero's feeling about the matter at the time? I know that Sebastian goes on to tell Hero how he feels about her in that same chapter but does Hero truly believe that it's deep and honest and true or does a part of her think that, in some way, she's a consolation prize for her husband? Because I can't imagine any woman, much less Hero, being happy with that deep down. So I just want to know what you, as the author, say Hero's mindset about this situation is. Thanks again!

LeFleur said...

Does Ask Me Anything Mondays also include asking anything about your writing process?

I'll also have to find a link to the book or can I upload a picture of it?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to write another book featuring Tobie? I think it would be a terrific tv series!

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