Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Huge Improvement

The new, revised cover for Why Kings Confess landed in my email inbox this morning, and while I'm not allowed to post it online yet, I can tell you it's a huge, HUGE improvement!

I am extremely grateful to all the folks at NAL who listened to my complaints and tried so hard to come up with something not just better, but extraordinary. I'm anxious to hear everyone's reactions to it once all the legalities are in place and I'm given the go-ahead to show it.

Of course, since y'all will never be able to see the original, you won't be able to appreciate just how much better this one is. But whereas, before, I wanted to weep, I'm now almost giddy.

And if you're wondering why there's a turtle at the top of this post, it's because I spotted him in my garden yesterday, just ambling along enjoying himself.


Charles Gramlich said...

Glad to hear. I'm not very curious!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I have to say since it isn't being used, I think you should be able to at least share the one that was horrible. I mean, your fans should be able to share in your horror, right? Busy times here - finals, swim team timed trials, soccer starting, graduations to attend, house guests coming two weeks in a row, whew! The life of the turtle is looking good. Sabena

paz said...

I too am very very curious about the horror that you just avoided. A morbid impulse, perhaps.

I do thank you for the turtle! It is quite beautiful, and looks so right in your garden. If it weren't because I intensely dislike lawn ornaments, particularly of the animal variety, I might be tempted to look for one to grace my garden. But of course, only real deal that would look as right.

paz said...

Oh, I forgot the point of the post. The turtle distracted me. Congratulations on getting the cover you deserve!

Anonymous said...

I concur with all above about the horrible cover. I just bought a terra cotta turtle and its the center of attention in my back yard :)

cs harris said...

Charles, the two covers are fascinating to compare.

Sabena, I think the problem is that they don't actually pay the licenses for the images until they finalize the covers. And I agree about the busy times! Although since I've been helping my daughter move away, thinking about the good old days of swim team and soccer practice is enough to make me weepy.

Paz, picture a dumpy old man in a black trench coat with a beaver hat photoshopped on his head ambling towards a distant archway. I am not kidding about the trench coat; if you looked closely, you could see the buckle dangling down on the belt that looped across the back! As for the turtle, the nice thing about the ones of stone or terra cotta is that they don't crawl away! I was amazed how far that guy crawled in a short amount of time.

Anon, I'd love to see your terra cotta turtle! I have a terra cotta duck my kids gave me for once mother's day and that I dragged here from Australia, but I don't think I've ever seen terra cotta garden ornaments in the States.

Sphinx Ink said...

Hurrah! I'm looking forward to seeing th revised version at our meeting on Monday.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

c- hey if youre that happy - as in giddy - it must be a big improvement and that's all that matters. still i cant wait to see the new version and the new book. its going to be a long 9 months. ali

cs harris said...

Ali, I think it's going to be a dynamite cover... although I know some won't like it since it shows a man's face.

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