Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pub Day! WHAT DARKNESS BRINGS Hits the Shelves

Today is the official publication day of What Darkness Brings, the eighth in the Sebastian St. Cyr historical mystery series. I'll be spending the day wrestling with the plot for book #10, which at this point involves the head of Charles I and a certain authoress visiting London for the publication of her second novel.

Those of you who've finished the book, feel free to use the comments section as an open thread to discuss it; those who haven't read it yet should probably avoid the comments section in case of spoilers!


Charles Gramlich said...

Will order my copy with the next book order. Looking forward to it. I think that will make 3 in line for me to read, which is about what I like to do.

Essex said...

Stayed up into wee hours of morning to finish it. Really, really liked it. The historical aspects of Hope Diamond as well as Walcheren fever- I looked that one up right away cuz so interesting. I admire how you weave such interesting aspects of history into your plot lines- makes the story so much more fascinating .
I wish you could get the publishers to crank out next installment early. Can we start an online petition? If we get enough signatures, can take it to the White House and they will have to act!

Elaine said...

I pre-ordered my copy but could not wait to start reading it so I downloaded the ebook this morning.
It's great so far--of course. It's funny to see that the NOOK edition of the cover still has that infamous light fixture on the building.

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot! Congrats! Can't wait to read it!

Jan Power said...

One of my favorite small scenes was the laugh shared by Jamie and Sebastian! That is the kind of exchange I treasure with my best friends, so little said, but so much understanding shared, and for that to pass between such a two as these, is just perfect. Does this presage a rapprochement? (I know you can't answer but I cannot squelch the comment.)

This is my favorite series and how you make each book better than the last is a MARVEL!

Anonymous said...

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Rachel Walsh said...

Congratulations, Candy! Hope you take time out today to celebrate, just a little. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on my copy to be delivered (and trying to remind myself that patience is a virtue! lol) :-)

LOgalinOR said...

I just received my hard copy via UPS from Amazon at 5pm PST. Luckily, I had also pre-ordered the Kindle version and started reading earlier today. I also, had noticed the 'infamous lightbulb' on the cover of the Kindle version. Sorry about that, Candace, but it makes it that much more interesting and definitely, memorable......the "little" and unforeseen events that (can) occur.
Love, love, love the unfolding storyline so far, and have decided to savor and read over a longer time period. If I can, although, I may not be able to hold out .......sigh. Hope you are celebrating and will be enjoying WDB wild success in the coming days!

vp said...

I loved this one! It is probably in my top 3 titles in the series. The plot was fascinating, but the most interesting element for me, was the continued development of Sebastian's marriage. I adored the closeness and the sense of true intimacy that seems to be growing between Sebastian and Hero.
I also appreciated the sensitivity and loyalty that Sebastian displayed toward Cat. It's a nice tip of the hat to a relationship that was so much a part of him for so long. The only teeny-tiny negative was that there wasn't enough Jarvis for my taste, but overall, this one was superb!

Rory said...

Congratulations on another fantastic book! I pre-ordered the book and finished reading it the day it came when I should have been preparing to teach my next morning class!
I was impressed at the historical details - and learned a lot about the Hope Diamond. More importantly, you do a really good job of taking your readers to the atmosphere of England in 1812. The scenes with the street children were heart-breaking.
Happy to see Hero evolving as a character and now I'm taken with this foreboding that poor Kat's days are numbered as well....Will she sacrifice herself for Sebastian at some point in the future? And when will we see more of his mother?

On a more cranky note - cant you write faster and publish faster? Waiting impatiently for the next installment.
Keep up the good work.

Andrea said...

I stayed up most of the night to finish reading it and very much enjoyed. I like the addition of the cat. Somehow I knew Sebastian and Hero would acquire a new friend when I read the description of the cat in the cage.

oldcelt said...

Any news on when the Kindle version will be available in the UK? Seems to be a delay on a few books, still waiting for Ruth Downie's book as well. :(:(:(

Elaine CM said...

Finished it yesterday, rereading today. One reviewer had cautioned there was not much Hero, so I was happily surprised at the extent of her involvement and the handling of Sebastian's limited interaction with Kat. I am glad there was a mention of that first small doubt. I feel that is an important step for him. BRAVA on this great entry in the series. Best wishes for great writing days to come.

Anonymous said...

Will "WDB" be available anytime soon in audiobook format?

Libbi Keating said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this edition of the further adventures of our man Sebastian! The shorter chapters really kept the action going and the characters were well researched and presented - the ties all made sense in the end! Like another commentor, I really enjoyed the intimate smaller moments between characters - like Sebastian and Hero's exchange - "you sound like a wife," "don't be insulting." And I agree Jamie and Sebastian together are interesting. Hero & Sebastian's quiet moments together were well worth waiting for, and I love how they have moved into the next phase of their relationship. I just hate how long we will have to wait for that baby!! and for the next book! I am so looking forward to seeing what conflict the dreaded Jarvis will inflict upon our couple, and how Kat's new circumstances will shade their relationship. Thank you Candy for my favorite series. I hid from my family all night last night to finish this. Am thinking of rereading the whole series again - which will be my third time through. Only, I have to go to work, and feed my family. Thank you again Candy!!

cs harris said...

Charles, that's a real marathon!

Essex, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I have a lot of fun weaving all these threads together--but it takes TIME!

Elaine, oh, no! Obviously the cover went to the ebook people before it was fixed. I guess in a way it is funny.

Jan, thank you so much.

Rachel, thank you; I celebrated with a big slice of cake--not something I normally allow myself to eat.

cs harris said...

LOgalinOR, I hope you continue to enjoy it! And I guess this means Nook, Kindle, and everyone else has the lightbulb!

VP, thank you. It's been a very delicate balancing act.

Rory, thank you. The stories of the street children really were heartbreaking.

Andrea, how did you know about the cat?! I'm impressed. He's modeled after my own big black Huckleberry.

Oldcelt, I have never been able to understand the rules on where ebooks can and can't be sold. I need to remember to ask my editor.

cs harris said...

Elaine, that's odd that a reviewer said there wasn't much Hero, since she plays a big part in this book. (In the next book, when she's 9 months pregnant, her role is of necessity a bit reduced!)

Anon, they are doing the audio version. I'll check and see when it will be released. I haven't seen the cover yet.

Libbi, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Andrea said...

I adore cats and I just would have thought far less of Sebastian if he had left the poor cat in the cage. I also entirely agree with the way they defended Cat.

Linhie said...

Finally finished reading WDB minutes ago and had to drop by to say, once again, you have out done yourself. I loved everything about this new installment. All those story arcs were beautifily woven!

The progress of Sebastian and Hero's relationship was handled perfectly, I couldn't work out any better.

There has to be some sort of big confrontation between Jarvis and Delvin - I am anxious to see how these three would handle such a scene when it inevitably happens! I just wish I could reach over and grab the next installment just as I closed WDB. Sadly it would be another year.

I agree with a comment above, having seen much of Jarvis in previous books. I really did miss him - flaws and all. The events in this book only makes me ache for more and more... Candy, do you have any tips on how to convince these publishers to, you know, maybe speed the publishing process just a tad faster (let's say 11 months faster)? I AM ALL EARS!

Linhie said...

On another note, after having read WDB, I see why you had such an attachment to the original proposed title "Who Bells the Cat" - it was absolutely fitting! Anyone who has read the book would've appreciated the title. But again, I concur with the reasons why the idea was vetoed.

I read somewhere that Hero's screentime was reduced as well and cannot agree. She definitely had a large role here. How odd indeed!

It feels like poor Hero has been pregnant for years. I do hope little baby St. Cyr will grace us with an appearance by next book's end. I'm eager to know his/her gender as well as eye color. And the countdown begins... *sigh*

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Five stars all the way! Again, you gave us a superb story. I did a little jig when I found it on the shelves at the local bookstore. Crazy schedule here, so I only just finished it, but the rooftop scene caught me totally off-guard. Great. Thanks for your work and your efforts to connect with us about it. Now I go to savor the anticipation for the next installment ;)

oldcelt said...

C S Harris - Thank you! 😊

Jan Power said...

I remember not liking Who Bells the Cat when you first mentioned it Candy. Now, honestly, that is what I call the book to myself, it is perfect. Nutso publishers.

Another part I have been laughing about quite regularly for months is how both Hero and Sebastian threaten Jud over Black Cat (we have five so a feline protagonist is greatly appreciated at our house) and what he is named is greatly anticipated. These vignettes where separately they have the same reaction is such a clever way to depict their growing intimacy and meeting of the minds. I also love the way you are slowly revealing Hero's passionate nature and Sebastian's being her leavening agent.

emap said...

I'm just going to echo what everyone else is saying-- the book is wonderful. I've also read some very bizarre comments about the book mostly about Hero. One even stating that she is hardly mentioned and that she and Sebastian have hardly any interaction!

cs harris said...

Linhie, thank you. And yes, there will be a serious confrontation between Jarvis and Sebastian, but I don't want to jump the shark. As for publishing faster, the problem is really me--these books take a long time to write. I'm still plotting #10, and I've been at it over a month now!

Barbara, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I plan to do a post on the abbey soon.

Jan, I do have a name in mind for the cat, and once it's revealed, you'll understand the delay.

emap, I have a disgruntled ex-reader who was so passionately Team Kat that she no longer reads the books but posts nasty, nasty comments all over the Web. So she may be the one people are talking about. I can understand someone not liking the books--it's impossible to please everyone--but that kind of dishonest viciousness is disturbing.

Teresa in Oz said...

Ahhhhh, I do so love these books. This one was released just as I left hospital after a nasty road accident and has kept me sane in the early recovery process. Enough about me though; wonderful book Candy, loved the weaves, Hero and Sebastian building, Jamie reappearing, Gibson and Sir Henry as ever.....love them all and how you time and place them. Haven't enjoyed anything more in ages, thank you.
Teresa in Oz.

Elaine Cohoon Miller said...

Candy, it's the last line in the Kirkus review, saying fans of the series will lament that Heto is "relegated" to a lesser role. Strange. It's a lengthy and positive review so I doubt it's a case of the reviewer not reading the book.

emap said...

The comments that I referred to are customer comments. It's hard to know what people are thinking sometimes with their comments/reviews, it makes me wonder if they did actually read the book or if their expectations were beyond what could be expected in a single book. I usually don't even read comments about anything anymore because so many of them are unnecessarily vicious.

Chen said...

Another awesome read!!! I finished this book in 2 days cause I just couldn't put it down.

Now the wait begins again for the next book :(
Any idea on when it might be coming out?

Chen said...

Another awesome read!!! I finished this book in 2 days cause I just couldn't put it down.

Now the wait begins again for the next book :(
Any idea on when it might be coming out?

cs harris said...

Teresa, hope you're doing better now. And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the book.

Elaine, I didn't even know there was a Kirkus review. Off to hunt for it now, thank you!

emap, I try very, very hard to avoid customer reviews because they're not good for my sanity. That said, I sometimes read them to try to understand why books I didn't like are popular!

Elaine Cohoon Miller said...

Here's a link to the Kirkus review:
It appears on the "details" for the NOOK ereader edition under the Editorial Reviews tab, along with two other positive reviews. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY - "one of the best entries in Harris's superior historical series." and LIBRARY JOURNAL.

BTW looks like you have two "Elaine" fans, hence the full name.

paz said...

Alza Alza, Guapa! Congratulations on yet another delightful installment of this series. The history behind the mystery is completely engrossing. It was not until I finished reading the last sentence that I realized I still had all these questions about Sebastian's own life story (and Hero's too...) that would have to wait at least ANOTHER YEAR. ARGH! Pass me that petition. The WH will just have to act!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved it. I read it in fits and spurts over the last couple of days, as I haven't had more than a half hour to myself at any given time, but I was desperate to see what happens. Now I can go back and leisurely read the whole again and savor the moments. Beautiful job on the plotting and the interweaving of all the various sub-parts to come back and wrap it all up. Loved all the historical details from the Hope diamond to the sweepers. My favorite parts off the top of my head: 1. both of them defending the cat, 2. the whole who bells the cat theme and analogy, 3. Sebastian was finally truthful with Hero and 4. Sebastian getting an inkling that it might not have been "happily ever after with Kat". I, like everyone else, can't believe we have to wait another year to find out more about Sebastian's personal story. So many questions still unanswered. Interesting that Jarvis knows where his mother is. There is still the letter that his "sister" has (that was in Hendon's possession originally from the first book) that is hanging out there. Will we ever find out who his father is and how Knox is related??? Tagging on to what others have said on what they'd like to see: 1. Tom/Hero coming to like each other and having some bonding moment (maybe where they have to save Sebastian together), 2. Jarvis/Devlin showdown where Devlin gets the better of him and
3. the baby has yellow eyes (although I think that is in the ninth book and I'm too late for that one). Just thought I'd get my requests in since you are just plotting on the 10th book. Thank you, Candy, for writing such great characters and the best mysteries for them to solve. Sabena

cs harris said...

Thanks, Elaine; I found it. Not bad for Kirkus!

Paz, thank you. I know there's a lot of dangling threads still out there, but I will EVENTUALLY tie them all up, I promise!

Sabena, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And as I told Paz, I do have plans to tie everything up, eventually. In fact, over the past week I've sat down with a list of unanswered questions and future books I plan to write, and figured out exactly where the various threads will be tied up. There are a LOT of outstanding issues! Right now I'm thinking it will take another 8 books, but hopefully I can write faster so we won't be at this another 8 years!

Linhie said...

Another 8 books? OMG Candy, that sounds absolutely amazing!

But 8 more years? I may expire just thinking about that! *SWOON* But truthfully, a book a year is the norm - so long as the breaks aren't more than 12 months apart, I'll happily sign up for another 20 years of happy reading.

Please do keep us updated with the progress of book 9. Throw in some excerpts, Sebastian's London, and the lot. That is most definitely a plead! It'll help tide us through these next few months.

I'm gonna spend this weekend slowly rereading the book again. =D

BTW, KirkusReview was definitely a positive, though the comment about Hero being relegated to back seat doesn't resonate as true to me. Yes, she isn't at the forefront of the action, but she was very much a part of the investigation. And considering her condition, it is to be expected.

Despite being in her 9th month in book 9 (ironic with the 9's - cool), I hope we will still see enough of Hero. I cannot wait to see how Sebastian and Hero's relationship will continue to blossom during the ensuing months of their marriage.

Anonymous said...


I read the book in a huge gulp last night, only taking a bath and water breaks. I absolutely loved it! Thank you for turning what was an annoying day into a lovely night. It was surprisingly funny , as I was expecting angst, because of the whole Kat-Sebsastian-Hero thing.

I'm really rooting for Hero and positively adored the interaction between Hero and Sebastian . Please, please, pretty please with bows and cherries on top let Hero and Sebastian now be the love of each other's loves (or just let her win and not Kat!).

I read A LOT of series - it's been what I've primarily read, and this is one of my all time favourites.

Anyway, thanks for writing .

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say, but thanks for the cat ! It was one of my absolute favourite things in the book. I've been thinking that I wished that he had a dog, but the cat was hilarious. Who would have thought that Hero would be such a cat person? :)

Andrea said...

I've liked Hero from her first appearance in the series and don't particularly like Kat, so I hope you leave Sebastian and Hero happily married. I didn't think Hero's role was diminished at all. She played quite a prominent role in the book and in solving the mystery. Sebastian clearly appreciates her network of unusual friends, her political knowledge, her valuable research and help in general in his investigations.

It will be interesting to see what else you do with the series. It's obviously up to the writer what comes next, but I will say that Jarvis is one of my favorite characters and it would be interesting to learn more about him. I'm actually far more interested in him and in Hero than I am in Sebastian's mother and her yellow-eyed stable boy.

cs harris said...

Linhie, I'm still puzzling over Kirkus's comment about Hero--she had a VERY large role in Darkness. And another thing I've been this past week is drawing up a list of London places I want to post about, and scanning prints from my old 19th century guidebooks.

HugeFan, thanks so much; I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Andrea, but are you SURE it was the stableboy?

Anonymous said...

Candy - really? The "are you sure it's the stable boy?" comment. Torture is what it is. Plain and simple torture. AHHHHHHH...... Oh, and I forgot to say, really love Aunt Henrietta and am so glad she always makes an appearance. Sabena

cs harris said...

Sabena, snicker, snicker....

Jan Power said...

A Lord, a captain or a stable boy IFJamies's mother was even telling the truth. Henrietta thought it was a poet. It IS torture.

On the less Hero puzzlement, from the comments I have read, people are meaning that Hero's perspective wasn't used as much, not that she wasn't in it much. Kirkus' excuse, I have no idea, it is like they heard a comment like I mentioned from an ARC reader and ran with it, misunderstanding? It must be hard to release your book children into the world and see them garbled, starting with the publisher!

And ibtw, let's hear it for Aidan!

Sara said...

Just finshed reading it on my Kindle. I was looking forvard this book the whole year and was excited by its content. I liked the story, was pleased that there was less violence than in some other books in the series. The one thing that saddened me was the death of Russel Yates.
Now I cant wait till next march...

paz said...

If I can vote for order of resolution, I really want to find out about the necklace / medallion that Jarvis gives Hero in 'Gods,' and whether it has any relationship to the box that Hendon gives Hero much later...

Weird, but Sebastian's missing mother and father do not bother me so much! Though I am sure they would bother him LOL

Jan Power said...

Oh yes, paz, good one, won't Sebastian be floored when he sees her wear it!

Anonymous said...

Oh - the necklace. I totally forgot. That will be a great interweaving of storylines I'm sure. You're right - can't wait for Sebastian to see it on Hero. Sabena

cs harris said...

Jan, I must admit sometimes I am very puzzled by the things people read into them/take away from them.

Sara, I must admit, killing Yates was very hard on me. And you and my editor would get along quite well--she's always counting the dead bodies and saying, "Can't some of these people live?"

Paz, the necklace resurfaces in #10 and plays a significant role in #11, which will be a road trip.

Sabena, see above!

paz said...

I also loved Yates, and was caught totally by surprise by his murder!

I thought of so many different possibilities for him! And yet, he would have been a difficult character to plot given the historical period we are speaking about. And as you said earlier, you already have so many characters you are dealing with...

RIP to Russell, who was loved in "life" and "died" a very noble death.

Andrea said...

Re: the stable boy. Sebastian's sister seemed to think it was, though I'm sure there are other scenarios you could introduce. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the sister and her flighty daughter too. I kind of liked her. it would be fun to see her interact with Hero.

Anonymous said...

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RevMelinda said...

It's been an all-Sebastian-all-the-time weekend for me--I loved What Darkness Brings, then had to go back and read my favorite bits of all the previous books. Congratulations on sustaining and developing all of the characters and relationships (and suspense, and historical detail) that make this series so much fun. I must admit that I am looking forward to Sebastian becoming a father--as I imagine that will bring so many of his issues and questions to the surface in new ways--and in my mind's eye I wonder if Jarvis and Sebastian will find themselves biting their nails together/at each other's throats again while Hero labors upstairs. . . Thank you again Candy for your fantastic writing and for a wonderful book--and for #s 9 and 10 to come!

Bufy said...

Love the cover.

Kay Webb Harrison said...

I started WDB the day it came out and finished it the next. Thank you for a wonderful read. Your work always satisfies my thirst for fascinating stories, engaging protagonists, and intriguing villains and settings. Looking forward to the next episodes, I assure you that I will follow where you lead and at your pace. We readers find it difficult to wait for the next books, but I wouldn't want you to change anything about your process for creating them.

Kaarina Bodnar said...

I agree with Kay! I look forward to your books, and force myself to read them slowly so I can savor them! Otherwise I could easily stay up all night and read it in one sitting. Thanks for your series...I love the historical setting and the characters you created. And best of all, I can rarely guess the murderer until the end! Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

Loved the book. But poor Hero---she's been pregnant forever!!!

cs harris said...

Paz, I know, it was hard for me to. He did live a full, adventuresome life.

Andrea, yes, I have rather let Amanda languish. She's about to come roaring back.

RevMelinda, thank you; I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Bufy, yes, it is different. I understand they're thinking about something similar for #9, but I haven't seen it yet.

Kay, thank you; it's wonderful to hear.

Kaarina, I suspect that's what every writer wants to hear--that their books sweep a reader away and make them want to stay up all night reading. So thank you!

Anon, I know! The longest 9 months ever...

Courtney said...

Just finished last night! I read half on Sunday and couldn't put it down last night to finish.

Overall, I loved it. I wished for more Hendon, but obviously until (if?) the rift is mended with Sebastian, his role will be limited. I was SO HAPPY that Sebastian finally confessed his feelings to Hero and I loved that Kat was the catalyst for that by talking about "secrets" with him. I also loved that it was Sebastian who opened up first since I don't know if Hero ever would have done so.

I thought Hero had a fairly prominent role in the book-I'm not sure what Kirkus was talking about.

Anyone else think that the reference to the "french" woman trying to sell a huge, white diamond (I think it was Collut who mentioned it) is Sebastian's mother? When I read that passage, I was SO SURE that it was her.

I also wonder if Hero will ever tell Sebastian that her father knows where his mother is...

I was sad to see Yates killed.

Now only another twelve months for the next installment. **sigh**

cs harris said...

Courtney, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I, too, miss Hendon, but you're right, with the estrangement it is hard to work him into each book even once. And I suffered a real pang when Yates died--he was such a great character, with so much potential.

Courtney said...

Candy-I see you're deliberately not responding to my question about Sebastian's mother. LOL

cs harris said...

Courtney, I do TRY not to confirm or deny anyone's suspicions!

Elaine Vohoon Miller said...

So glad the Kirkus review was a nice surprise. Even more glad - selfishly - that we have 8 books to anticipate! I am antipating Sebastian's reaction to fatherhood, given all his parental issues. And Hero's approach to child rearing. Kinda hoping it is a girl as that may be an easier introduction for Sebastian. Then a boy next. And, of course, how all this domesticity will mix with the usual skullduggery. Deliciously, I feel certain.

susan said...

I have enjoyed this series, however this one left me a bit disturbed and offended by what I perceived as antisemitic undertones or overtones in the writing of this book. I understand there was a great deal of antisemitism in history and that is not what bothered me. What bothers me is the authors choices. The first villains in the story have Jewish names and quite stereotypical descriptions. Was this really necessary? THanks for allowing me to voice my opinions.

cs harris said...

Susan, sorry if this offended you, but I never said the victim was Jewish. Daniel is a Christian name, too. I chose it because the real-life person involved with the Hope diamond was named Daniel Eliason. I'm not sure who else you are referring to when you mention villains, plural. Rhys was Welsh, and Betram Leigh-Jones had to have been a Christian, as he could not have occupied his position otherwise.

It is a fact that the Regency diamond trade was dominated by the Jewish residents of that part of London. To be true to the period and history, the victim should have been Jewish, but because I didn't want to be accused of exactly what you are accusing me of, I didn't want to do that. Yet it seemed to me that to make the victim overtly Christian would have been wrong, in that it would deny the existence and prominence of a very real, vibrant community. So I compromised by never saying what religion the victim was. The only overtly Jewish character in the book--the old man who identifies the grimoire--is presented as a sympathetic character who built almshouses.

Ironically, it wasn't until I was writing the book and doing more research into grimoires that I leaned the most influential ones were written in Hebrew--even by people who were not Jewish--because it was seen as a "sacred" language that came God (flowing from the belief that the world was only a few thousand years old and Hebrew was mankind's "first" language. To be honest, the discovery chagrined me, again because I didn't want to be accused of being anti-Semitic. Yet isn't it a form of anti-Semitism to airbrush a people's cultural and historic reality out of existence?

Given the story line, I really only had two choices--make Eisler a Christian, which would have been wrong, or avoid the religion issue entirely, which is what I did. The only other option would have been not to write the book, and I really wanted to weave a mystery around the brief appearance of the Hope diamond in London in 1812.

As someone whose family members belong to an ethnic minority often demonized and stereotyped by the media, I am very sensitive to these things. But the truth is, villains do come in all colors and religions. There was no stereotyping intended.

Anonymous said...

Just finished the book and LOVED it. I've been waiting all year and the book lived up to my expectations! I am so happy with the way the Sebastian/Hero relationship is going! She truly seems to be his equal in every way and its nice to see the mature relationship develop. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful historical fiction/mystery/romance novel! can't wait for number 9!

PS- Not to get side tracked, but I am Jewish and did not feel there were any over tones of anti semitism, but it was nice to know the influential grimoires were the ones written in Hebrew! :) And I agree, villians do come in all colors and religions.

Anonymous said...

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