Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Virgin Territory


Yesterday, I wrote the first chapter of the ninth book in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. This part of the writing process is, for me, an exhilarating blend of trepidation and excitement: excitement for this shiny new idea that beckons and beguiles, and worry that it won't come up to the standards set by the previous books or that the story contains some fatal unseen flaw that will eventually cause the entire book to crumble into an unfinishable mess.

It's at this point that I can sometimes become confused when I talk to my readers, who've just finished the newly released book while I am obsessed with the events and people of a book they won't see for two years. Floating in production between us is the book I just finished, What Darkness Brings, which won't be published for another year. The time lag is frustrating for me, too, but the truth is that I am a very slow writer and these books take a long time to plot, research, and write. I wish I could write faster, and I know I could produce a different kind of book faster. Just not these.

What is this new book about? Hmm, I think maybe I'll keep that quiet for a while yet. Its working title is Why Kings Somethingoranother. (Yes, I actually put that at the top of the synopsis I submitted to my editor.) She loves the idea, incidentally--especially since this book will finally answer one of the questions she's been asking me about for ten years now: What happened to Sebastian in the war that came so close to destroying him?

The image above is a free wallpaper from this site.


TAK said...

OMG!!! So excited!! Yet, so depressed that I have to wait for 2 years to read this book :) I thought it was Kat leaving him that almost destroyed him, not the war (although that definitely affected him alot)...

Charles Gramlich said...

I feel a bit envious. I know how much fun it is to start a new book.

paz said...

Love the picture. I also obviously love that Sebastian lives to keep up the good fight for another day. Perhaps the child will be born during this book?

I also noticed how you mentioned in one of your replies, sort of in passing like, that Kat has opened up to Yates. Hmmmm. Something to look forward to in book 8.

Mom in High Heels said...

OMG!!! I can't wait 2 years for that! That's torture. I can't wait a year for the next one! I am excited to get to find out about the war. I've wondered and reread the books multiple times to see if there's a clue that I can use to figure it out. Two year? Really? I guess I'll be rereading again (and probably again). Sigh.

Jan Power said...

How exciting! Since you mentioned Marie Thérèse in a previous blog, Why Kings Abdicate jumped to mind. Absent more information though, I am sure that is wide of the mark.

As a Napoleonic War buff, I am hoping more revelations of Devlin's PTSD will include in what regiment you have in mind for him? 7th Hussars? I also hope he finally resolves his (to my mind maddening) mental block toward seeing Napoleon as the greater evil...even as we speak the Grande Armée is destroying Russia and then itself in retreat. Would it not offend him if his child had to bow a knee to Bonaparte? I hope his closer examination of his trauma might lead him to a broader perspective.

One final unrelated note, as a huge NFL fan I send condolences on the Saints. Commissioner Goodell just jack-booted my beloved Redskins last week. I feel New Orlean's pain.

cs harris said...

TAK, Kat's rejection drove him to join the army, but it was his experiences in the war that motivate in his search for justice for victims of murder.

Charles, fun but scary!

Paz, this book does take place at the end of January 1813.

Mom in hh, Sorry!

Jan, I've made up a regiment for him, since I didn't want to be constrained by the true activities of the existing regiments. As for Napoleon, he sees man's glorification of war as the greatest evil, with Napoleon as a symptom of that rather than a cause.

Courtney said...

I so love this series! I always wonder if we'll ever meet the errant Countess Hendon?

Anonymous said...

I've just started reading the Sebastian St. Cyr series and am enjoying it very much, but there are a couple points that I must address.
1st John Donne wasn't born an Anglican minister; he had a very heady youth as can be attested by his early poetry. Please see "Busy Old Sun" & "To a Flea."
2nd The cockney epithet is not "Gore," but "Cor."
Just as easy to get it right as wrong. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

Keira Soleore said...

I'm so happy to see this series continuing strong. I have loved it since the first book, and the obsession is becoming worse.

As a reader, I'm caught in a dilemma. I always want to read the next and the next and the next book as fast as possible. However, I, clearly want the same quality of book that I read and loved previously. Quality trumps quantity every time, and so I bite my fingernails and wait...

(And I'm still firmly Team Kat.)

cs harris said...

Courtney, thank you! As for Lady Hendon, well, one of these Napoleon will be routed, at least temporarily!

Anon, Yes, I've always loved his "To a flea." And you're right about the "cor." Technically I suppose it should also be "guv'na", but I can only nudge my copyeditors so far when it comes to accents. They worry about readers' ability to understand what is being said.

Keira, I think you're going to like What Darkness Brings; it carries Kat's story forward significantly.


Elaine said...

Yipeeee for the start of a new book. I can imagine it is difficult being out of synch with the readers. I always wonder, given all the time and effort you give to a book, if it is a annoying to have readers sit down and read it straight through in a day or so. I do that, but rest assured that, with re-reading the series each time a new book comes out, I have put in a lot of hours with them all.

I was pulled up short in this last book when there was mention of the events of the first book being only 18 months ago = for us it is 6 years! But I love that you are taking your time with "their time."

briana said...

I'm LOVING When Maidens Mourn!!! I seriously can not wait til the next book! I can't put this one down, but I don't want it to end either! I love the tension between Sebastian and Hero. Is the next one due out next march? Can you push it to maybe october? :)

Anonymous said...

A new book - how delicious to even contemplate. So many questions to be answered. How does the necklace fit in, the brother's story, will he find his mother, who will Kat end up with (you gave us a hint that we've seen him before. I'm guessing it is someone in the first book), what about the affidavit that Amanda still has, what does Hendon know about Jarvis, who is his father? I love just wondering how you'll tie it all together eventually. I agree with the someone who said that Sebastian and Hero have replaced Darcy/Elizabeth. Their story is just so much more complex. I know some have asked for more Gibson and some have asked for more Kat. I, myself, am content with more of all of the characters. My own requests, though, if they must be heard: the baby have yellow eyes, Tom and Hero have some altrications and eventually bond over something and become friends, and we see more of Aunt Henrietta. OK, I could go on as I have many more scenes I've planned with all of them. I, agree with Sebastian's view, by the way. War is abhorent no matter what side you are on. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to finding out what happened to him. They say patience is a virtue. Hmmm... Good luck with the writing of this one. I know it will be fabulous, as all the others have been. Sabena

paz said...

Yes, a yellow eyed baby is what I am betting on (though I always loose bets, don't know why I keep doing 'em). Of course, the genetics of that would be revealing of Hero's own ancestry... which something that I have been curious about since a certain scene in "Serpents"...

Anonymous said...

Dear Candy,

First I love the books and await new ones eagerly and I reread them! I enjoy both the historical setting and the tiny foreshadowing that you place in each book.

I am also interested in knowing how Hero's having the Countess's necklace will play into the story. I would also like Hero and Tom to develop some kind of relationship.

I am hoping that you will avoid what so many authors do, when they have strong heroines, which is to in some way ensure that they lose their child or can't have children. That would be too devastating and too easy from a plot perspective to ensure that Hero remains an active partner in investigations. I am hoping for something more from you!

I am a big Hero fan!

Jillian Kent said...

I'm loving this series and telling everyone I know about it. Currently reading, Why Mermaids Sing. I too am a very slow writer and am hoping my publisher will put up with my pace. I have to say I'm thrilled I haven't discovered you until now because I'm enjoying knowing that there's another book as soon as I get done with this one. :)I'm currently writing book 3 in my series. Any advice on how to keep track of what you write from one book to the next as you plot?

cs harris said...

Elaine, it is funny to think that something I slave over for a year can be read in HOURS. And I'm really glad I decided to go slow with the progression of time rather than having Sebastian age a year between books, otherwise he'd be heading into his late 30s by this 9th book.

Sabena, lots of questions, indeed! Although ironically no one ever mentions one I plan to address soon, i.e., What happened to Lovejoy's wife and daughter.

Paz, everyone seems to want the baby to have yellow eyes!

Anon, I dragged my own girls all over the world with me, so I've never been one to believe that women can't have children and still be active.

Jillian, when I first started the series I set up a "continuity notebook" that I have not been as good as I should have been in keeping up. I keep telling myself one of the days... Good luck with your own series!

Farin said...

So, I just finished When Maidens Mourn. Candy, you slay me with every installment of this series! I, too, want the next one right this second, but I'll echo the poster who said they'd rather sacrifice the instant gratification for the polish and high quality that extra time brings to these books.

But I loved everything about Maidens, especially because I am firmly Team Hero.

Steve Malley said...

Jealous! I'm at that stage right now where the fun has turned into work, and I look at my previous novels and wonder 'why can't I write like that now?' :)

Jan Power said...

There is a hint that we have already met the man of Kat's happy ending? The only nice nad eligible ones I can think of are Sir Christpher Farrell and Paul Gibson.

Candy, in Angels I had the impression Sebastian has a lot of friends but none play into later books. Is that happenstance due to the focus on murders, or is Sebastian becoming more of a loner? And in that same vein, will he be able to accomodate Hero's obvious need to stay involved with the ton; will he participate with her? After all he must appreciate her entree in society and the admiratin she commands frequently leads her to learn on dits containing actionable intelligence in his own investigations.

During Maidens Mourn I found myself cackling, wondering if the broadsheets had charicatured Hero (I can see her exaggerated aquiline nose) and Sebastian (all tall and languid) with a caption "The Deadly Devlins."

And what we need is to get a writ calling Sebastian to the Lords while Hendon still lives to cut Amanda off at the knees before she can use her dastardly affidavits.

Anonymous said...

I am glad we will be learning more about Kat in the next book. I am all Team Kat, and was disappointed when her and Sebastian didn't end up together, but that's water under the bridge now :) Will the next book give us more insights into her personality, her past, and more? What about Gibson? He is one of my favorite characters as well...

cs harris said...

Farin, thank you!

Steve, I'm now at Chapter Three and I'm already having problems!

Jan, I realized recently that I had sort of let Sebastian's friends drop by the wayside, I suppose it is because I've focused on the murders to keep the stories moving, plus I've accumulated such a large cast of supporting characters that sometimes simply including all of THEM sometimes gets to be a headache.

Anon, yes. And book number nine is heavily focused on Gibson.

Anonymous said...


Are you in for the 40th RU?



Michele Janes said...

I am looking forward to the next book. The Sebastion St. Cyr are some the best books being published. The relationships between the characters feel real and the story line is complex without becoming muddied. I am intrigued by the characters. Thank you for making the marriage between develop into something more and adding a 'brother' to the mix. I appreciate the time it takes to hone the novels, but I am anxious for more!

Bill Robertson said...

I'm a fan of the Sepastian St Cyr series, also a fan of Georgian neoclassical architecture and have a slight quibble with references to "Adams" style.

I believe the term is "Adam" referring to the Scottish brothers Robert and James Adam. Presidents John & JQ were named Adams. Your editors should have caught this.

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