Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving

I must confess I've never been particularly fond of Thanksgiving holiday. Neither my children nor I ever cared for most of the food typically associated with the occasion, and because my kids grew up overseas, we generally just ignored the day.

But this year, Thanksgiving has arrived at a particularly appropriate moment. Three weeks ago, someone I dearly, dearly love suffered a massive concussion. We've passed through some terrifying days, but while she's not completely out of the woods yet, she should be soon. I've started writing again, and hopefully I'll get back to posting more regularly, too.

And so, a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Charles Gramlich said...

I do like Turkey, but not all the other foods, such as Cranberrry sauce, associiated with thanksgiving. but it was a big holiday for us growing up so I remember it for that reason.

Susan/DC said...

I actually love Thanksgiving. I like almost all the food, but perhaps that's circular, simply because it is the food I associate with a holiday I like so much (and my husband makes a great cranberry orange relish).

I'm so very good at whining that I need a day to remind me to be grateful for all the good things in my life, and there is something about knowing that millions of others are doing the same that adds to the richness of the holiday.

Thanksgiving is also one of my favorite holidays because it is so inclusive -- it doesn't matter when you came to the US or where you came from or what your religion is, Thanksgiving is your holiday too.

Steve Malley said...

This year I got together with some fellow expats and had Mexican food.

What can I say? It's summer!

Hope your friend is all right...

Jessica said...

I'm glad your loved one is doing better -- head injuries can be mucho scary.

I actually like Thanksgiving, but I understand what you mean about living abroad and ignoring it. It's such a non-event outside the U.S.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

paz said...

I have always appreciated the spirit of gratefulness and appreciation for blessings that pervades many Thanksgiving celebrations. However, I have often observed that a sense of reflection, accounting and atonement is oddly missing. But maybe I am missing the cultural nuances.

Sorry to hear about your beloved's health scare. I hope that her health is restored and balance returns to your life soon.

Lainey said...

I'm with you and your children - have never cared for traditional Thanksgiving menus. And my birthday occurs either on Thanksgiving or thereabouts, which always made "my" special day a non-event!

cs harris said...

Charles, I get the feeling I'm the odd one out when it comes to Thanksgiving.

Susan, that's all so true.

Steve, that's funny. And my daughter is doing great now, thanks.

Jessica, it's been beyond terrifying. Thanks.

Paz, I agree that somewhere in all the food and the football, the idea of thanksgiving does often get lost.

Lainey, Steve and I have the same problem with our anniversary, since we married the day before Thanksgiving (8 years ago now).