Friday, September 30, 2011

At last! The Cover for When Maidens Mourn

I've finally been given permission to post the cover of When Maidens Mourn, due out 6 March 2012. So here it is:

A huge improvement, in my opinion, over the last two covers. But I think Angels and Mermaids are still my favorites.

What do you think?


Amy said...

It's a very pretty cover! I can't wait to read it. And you're right, definitely an improvement over the last couple.

Chen said...

OMG! So very cool! The art's dept did a good job this time.

Chen said...

Do you have a book coming out this November? I don't know why I have it in my mind you have a book coming out this Nov.

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

Like I said on FB, at least they gave you the maiden and the boat-- and the colors are super striking-- very moody and evocative.

nana said...

*applauds* I LOVE it!!!! so beautiful. definitely an improvement. One of my favs now.
I see a cover like that, I buy the book right away. (true, I love The Arthurian Legend so with this title & cover I'm easily won over, particularly for a transposition in the sebastian's world!!)
these warm colors autumnal add a little melancholic touch, I like it.
Now I just have to wait March to read it (march!!!!! why, รด why so cruel with us!!!! :D)
maybe a little exerpt to make us wait more peacefully?! a tiny tiny little one?! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Pretty cool. Definitely kind of eerie.

cs harris said...

Amy, it is pretty, isn't it? And such an improvement.

Chen, yes, they did.

Chen, at one time my Sebastian books used to come out in November, but so did the CS Graham thrillers, so the mysteries were moved to the spring. With my mother's final illness and death and all the disruptions that followed, I cut back to writing one book a year--which is a long way of saying, No, I don't have anything coming out this fall.

Barbara, they did listen to us, which is amazing. The beautiful red in the leaves was an amazing choice. I did tell them no castle, however, so to anyone who asks, "Where did that come from?" I can say, "The mind of the artist."

Nana, Oh, good; that's the reaction we want. It is so important to attract new readers. And I'll be putting up the first chapter next week; the galleys arrived today so they can't complain

Charles, it looked very serene at first, but they darkened it and added the mist at my request, and it's amazing the difference it made. .

Anonymous said...

GREAT cover! Thanks for sharing. I think I might even like it more than Mermaids. It's the vibrant colors. That is sure to attract new readers to take a look!! Sabena

emap said...

That's a great cover, definitely the type that would catch my eye. I actually tend to notice titles more so than covers and "When Maidens Mourn" is a title that would intrigue me. So either way, cover or title, I'd pick up this book!

Sarah said...

Love this cover!!!! I like it so much more than Shadows. Glad that they listened to you this time.

So ready for the next book! Wondering about the loyalty tight rope the Hero is walking and the potential showdown between her and Sebastian.

Want to read the new book now! lol

cs harris said...

Sabena, it's so great that everyone likes it! I know my regular readers would buy it anyway, but it's always good to attract new readers.

Emap, the cover and the title do work well together, don't they.

Sarah, I just received the galleys this weekend, so it is really starting to feel like the process is chugging along. And yes, Hero really does walk a tightrope in this one!

Rachel Walsh said...

Wow! What a beautifully mysterious and atmospheric cover, Candy. I love it! And now I'm more excited than ever to read this book. :-)

paz said...

Love the overall effect, but the details are also very powerful: the leaves red like blood drops, the mist and the way the body is positioned... They really took care with this one!

The castle is, well, a small price to pay :-)

vp said...

It's lovely! Very moody and very eye-catching. I am dying to read this one. I have to confess, I miss the November pubs, since autumn is my favorite time for mysteries.

Steve Malley said...

My first thought: Tennyson's 'Lady of Shallote'.

I could probably get my goggle on, see if a) I spelled that right, and b) Tennyson was even writing during the Regency... but I think I'm just going to kick back and enjoy that pretty cover! :)

Essex said...

Love the cover. Beautiful colors and art, and sets a mood that is kind of creepy yet sad . This cover actually relates to the story , if I remember your previous posts properly about Tennyson as a young boy . I am really looking forward to this next book. Any chance (hint hint) of a sneak peek soon? March seems so far away!

cezza said...

Great cover
and counting down the time till I can read it

cs harris said...

Rachel, Oh, good; thank you!

Paz, yes, the red in the leaves was a great touch, wasn't it?

vp, I also liked the autumn releases, mainly because it meant the books were due in November, too, which meant I could take a break over Christmas. Now I tend to be freaking out over Christmas because my deadline is just 2 months away.

Steve, it's very much about the Lady of Shalott, although Tennyson was only a wee lad of 3 when the story takes place. The murder victim is his "cousin".

Essex, I hope to get the first chapter up next week. And I do think the cover captures the mood of the book wonderfully.

cezza, I'm sooo happy that everyone seems to like the cover!

Steve Malley said...

WooHOO, score one for me! ;-p

Caitriona said...

Hi Candy,
Am totally blown away by the cover of your soon to be book - it's lovely. Definitely agree with everyone regarding the mix of mystery and romance. It was definintely reminding me of a romatic english painter and then realised it was John Waterhouse.......which then of course clicked with the lady of shallot!!
Title is good too - like the alliteration. I like that the female characters are so strong.
Thanks for all the hours of entertainment and pleasure - your books are a joy to read.

Lainey said...

Actually, Where Serpents Sleep was my fav cover. So pleased to see similar colors are used in When Maidens Mourn. The water and the seemingly drifting boat are also powerful imagery.
With no Tobie/Jax book this year, an excerpt from When Maidens Mourn would really help me make it through til March!

cs harris said...

Caitriona, Oh, good; I'm so glad to hear you like it!

Lainey, I love the colors and that swirling danger of Serpents, too. Sorry about no Tobie and Jax, but I will be putting up an excerpt soon.

cs harris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cs harris said...

Steve, it's great to know that it sends that message, because Camelot and the Lady of Shalott play a huge part in the story and in the theme.

Anonymous said...

Definitely an improvement over the last two. Though there is beauty in all for their own reasons - my personal favorite is Angels.

cs harris said...

Emms, I think the Shadows cover is striking, but I must admit I have a really hard time finding something to like in the Heavens cover!

Ajamajay said...

Love the new cover. It definitely draws the eye.

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