Monday, December 20, 2010

It's That Time of Year

I was whining the other day about what a pain it is to have a book released at Christmas time, and my friend said, "Well, it's better to have a book released in December than to not have a book released at all." She was right, of course, so I quit whining. But I can still use the frantic juggling of book signings, interviews, and Christmas shopping as an excuse for being a Bad Blogger, can't I?

My kids are finally off school for the holidays, and we're muddling our way through our first Christmas since my mother's death. I've decided to simply give up trying to write for the next week so that I can focus on things like decorating the house and making Christmas cookies and generally just having fun with my girls. Saturday, we got the tree up; this afternoon I helped Danielle with her annual gingerbread house; yesterday we put up the new wreath and garland I made for the front door.

In the past nine months, I have left town for Easter, Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving. But I couldn't run away from Christmas. Although we are not a religious family, Christmas has always been huge for us. To be frank, I thought this time of year would be harder than it has been. I have so many wonderful, laughter-filled memories of Christmases past, that hanging my mother's ornaments on my tree and putting her creche--bought in Madrid when I was a child--in my living room has proved to be unexpectedly healing. Who'd have thought?


liz fenwick said...

I am so pleased that it has been heeling. I'm sure she would have wanted it that way. Enjoy Christmas with you family.

Charles Gramlich said...

Glad you are settling into the season. I'm kind of wishing I wouldn't have scheduled these two articles at Christmas time. I could use more deck time and relaxing time. But if I get 'em done I'll still have plenty of time.

Susan/DC said...

I think it helps to have such warm memories of your mother. Doesn't mean you don't miss her, but the empty space where she would be is filled with love and light, and that is a lovely legacy. It also helps to have your own girls home. When my boys are away I like having a neat house where everything is where I put it and the leftovers in the frig that are meant for the next day's dinner are, in fact, still there the next day. But when they come home and fill the house with laughter and noise and energy and friends, a little dirt and chaos is a small price to pay. I'm able to repress how much I miss them until they return, then it all comes back in a rush. OTOH, they have turned into lovely, independent adults, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Your mother is still there in you and your girls (and her Spanish creche). Enjoy the holidays.

Anonymous said...

OK, so just a funny story to share. I was dropping my mom off at the airport (she turns 80 next March so they allow me behind security to escort her). Her plane was delayed so we were shopping in the various airport gift shops. In two of the stores I noticed Babylonian Codex on the very bottom row. I had already bought my copy (the day it came out), but didn't like the placement on the shelf. I moved them to the mid/top - right at eye level while no one was watching. Further, I witnessed one being picked up and perused. I noted to the person that it was a fabulous book and am happy to note, he bought it. Happy Holidays!!!! Sabena

Steve Malley said...

I'm really glad it's turned out to be healing rather than hard. And as always, I *love* your Christmas village!

cs harris said...

Liz, thank you.

Charles, yes, I'm having fun. This may be the last year I have both my girls home for Christmas, and I'm taking advantage of it.

Susan, thank you. Hope you and your boys enjoy the holidays.

Sabena, that is funny.Thank you! The bottom shelf is a terrible place for books! And they do say that hand selling works!

Steve, thank you. You should see the village under the tree! My daughter is complaining it's crowding out the packages.

Lainey said...

Beautiful wreath and garland you made. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

I finished reading my autographed copy of The Babylonian Codex today that I ordered from the Garden District Book Shop. A great read! I've been following many of the issues that were covered.

cs harris said...

Lainey, glad you enjoyed it! Thank you.