Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey! I’m a Rita Finalist!

Today, Romance Writers of America (RWA) announced the finalists for their 2009 RITA awards for romance fiction published in 2008. These are the most prestigious awards in the romance publishing industry. Back when I was writing romances as Candice Proctor, I finaled for my second book, The Bequest. But I’ve always been notoriously bad about remembering to enter the dang thing. Last summer, my editor said, “I can’t believe you’ve never entered your Sebastian books in the RTA!” So I got my butt in gear and entered Where Serpents Sleep in the category “Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.” And guess what? I finaled!

Winners will be anounced 18 July, at the RWS National Conference in Washington, D.C. Yes, it would be nice to win, but it’s true what they say: just being a finalist is a great honor.


Barbara Martin said...

Congratulations! My fingers are crossed for winning. 'Where Serpents Sleep' is on my reading list waiting patiently in the bookcase.

Rae Ann Parker said...

Congratulations on finaling in the RITA! I just saw the list. I will be cheering for you in DC.

Faith said...

congrats! that's wonderful! (and the series so fits that category).

Shauna Roberts said...

Congratulations again!! I just finished reading it and loved it.

Trish Morey said...


I just saw your name on the list and had to come and say CONGRATULATIONS!!

I won't be in Washington but I will be cheering down here in Adelaide for you.

Wonderful news - and your editor was right, keep entering those books!

Charles Gramlich said...

That's good news. Well deserved. I'll be pulling for a win.

Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

Hi, Candy. Congratulations! from Steve and me, on being a finalist in the Rita competition. Hope we'll see your name as the winner.

Melissa said...

Congratulation,I hope you win!
I love your Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries so far, 'Where Serpents Sleep' is waiting on my side table

Steve Malley said...

You deserve it!!!!

cs harris said...

Barbara, thanks you; I hope you enjoy it.

Rae Ann, Thank you. I'm thinking about going to D.C. myself.

Faith, thank you.

Shauna, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Trish, Thank you! I'm sorry to hear you'll be missing the conference this year; my agent and editor are trying to talk me into going.

Charles, thank you.

Charlotte, thanks to you and Steve.

Melissa, thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.

Steve, thank you!

Sphinx Ink said...

Kudos to you on a long-deserved honor. I hope SERPENTS wins! I vote that you go to the conference so you can go up and make a RITA acceptance best thing to the Oscars.

Yukari said...

I'm sooo happy for you. I'm an Amazon Prime member, but I couldn't wait even one day for the book to arrive when 'Where Serpents Sleep' came out. I bought the Kindle version and finished reading on the same day. It's getting better and better. I'm sure it will be the winner!

cs harris said...

Thanks, Sphinx Ink; I am thinking about going!

Yukari, thank you; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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