Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Meme By Any Other Name

Eight random facts about myself? Hmmm. Sphinx Ink tagged me, so here I go…

1. I’m a vegetarian.

2. When I was 30, I broke my back tobogganing. I now avoid skiing, sledding, ice-skating—anything that involves sliding over frozen H2O.

3. I have a reputation (undeserved, of course!) as a jinx. I’ve been accused of causing floods, droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, hurricanes, riots, coups, and revolutions all around the world. It’s been suggested I should start a business getting cities or even entire continents to pay me to stay away.

4. I have no depth perception. Zero. (The result of being born with one extremely nearsighted and one extremely farsighted eye so that my brain can’t put the two images together.) If you see me driving down the road, get out of my way!

5. Every morning, I spend an hour practicing yoga and meditating.

6. One of the greatest frustrations of my life is that I was never given music lessons as a child. I sort of taught myself to play the guitar as a teenager, but it's not the same. Maybe when I retire...

7. From the time I was 17 until I was 37, I never lived in the same house, apartment or hotel for more than 18 months.

8. I love gardening. I used to draw and paint; now, my garden is my canvas and plants are my medium.

I haven't posted the rules because I don't like rules. And I think everyone else has been tagged, except perhaps Steve Malley If you're interested, Steve, give it a go. It is fun.


Charles Gramlich said...

Your "curse" think sounds like me and my piece on "Death By Prose," about my submitting to small magazines and watching them die.

Sphinx Ink said...

Very interesting, C.S. Several of these are things I didn't know and hadn't guessed about you. I'm enjoying this meme thing.

Kate S said...

Oh, no depth perception - I know that curse! Have broken 13 bones from the waist down because of it - falling down stairs, off sidewalks, etc.

Hmm... #3... stay out of Illinois. :)

Steve Malley said...

I did mine now, too.

Didn't mention it in the list, but like yourself, I do the yoga and meditation thing, and have had something like 80 addresses since leaving home at seventeen!

Steve Malley said...

Occurs to me this morning that (#6),one of my greatest frustrations in life is that I *was* given musical lessons as a kid.