Thursday, May 10, 2007

Car Woes Update

We have Dani’s Bug back and it looks great. Much better, in fact, than the last time we had the front end redone (other daughter).

The news on my Golf, however, is not so good. They decided they needed to replace the engine. Problem is, I had very low mileage (after all, I’m a writer who works at home). They can’t find a comparable engine. So my insurance company has decided to total the car.

Sigh. I liked my car. I really liked my car. But as long as I live in New Orleans, I’m not buying another car with the air intake on the bottom. So now I need to find a new car, which would be nice if I could buy a fun car. But fun isn’t a priority. The priority is finding a vehicle that 1) can help evacuate six cats in the face of another hurricane and 2) does not have its air intake on the bottom. In other words, no sporty little convertible for Candy.



Sphinx Ink said...

My sympathies...guess your "middle-age-crazy" days are already over, alas, at least as manifested via car choice. As another resident of the flood-prone New Orleans metro area, I have already decided to get a minivan when I'm ready to purchase a new one...need all that space to evacuate myself, elderly mother, and six pets in crates, plus whatever irreplaceable personal belongings I can fit in. Since Katrina we have to take hurricane season seriously down here, even more than we ever did before, and I want to prepared for another possibly lengthy evacuation (as I was not prepared after Katrina).

Charles Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear about your car, but as for a new one--cats will fit in the trunk won't they? Even sporty cars have trunks, even if they are small.

Black Rocks said...

Sorry about your car. It feels really disappointing when our beloved car is in trouble. If only this things won't happen.. I can relate to your situation. Recently, several
vw scirocco parts had to be replaced at the same time. I haven't able to use my car for weeks and had to pay big cash for the job. I had to commute to the office. Anyways, I hope your car would be fixed soon.

cs harris said...

Thanks, everyone. It would help if I was comfortable driving big SUVs!

Kate S said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you find something practical AND fun.

(And Charles, that cats in the trunk comment was just evil. :)

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