Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Katrina Update

They picked up another FEMA trailer on our street. That means we now only have three trailers on our block (unfortunately, one of those is next door), although of course there are still many more in the neighborhood. When I went for my walk yesterday (part of my annual E&EB New Year’s Resolution—Exercise and Eat Better), I was surprised to see how many houses are still empty. I’d let my daily walk lapse in the month or so before Christmas. I’m not sure why I was surprised by the lack of much significant progress.

A number of people who have answered my Christmas cards have expressed surprise at my descriptions of the condition New Orleans is still in. Most had assumed everything was back to normal. I guess it’s hard for people to think of an American city with tens of thousands of ruined houses still sitting there a year and a half after a disaster.

As for our own personal recovery, my former wet bar, long a big gaping hole in my office wall, is now a beautiful cabinet with drawers and bookshelves. It’s not “finished” because it still isn’t painted (and won’t be until the trim around the arched front window, also missing, is finally replaced), but that hasn’t stopped me from moving into it. Why have a sink, fridge and mirror when you can have more bookcases and file drawers?!

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Anonymous said...

You can never have too many bookcases. Or I can't, anyway.