Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey Mr. Taxman!

(Above: the famous 17th Street Canal break as it appears today. Looks real safe, doesn't it?"

We spent much of the weekend dragging a bunch of miscellaneous stuff from my mother’s house to our house. She was tired of it messing up her house, so even though we have no place to go with it, it’s now here, messing up our house instead, which I is only fair. We also went to Restoration Hardware to order a new chair for the living room to replace the one that drowned. It’s supposed to get here in December. Now that we’ve started on our SECOND year since Katrina, every time I do something like that it strikes me again: how long it’s been, how long it’s taking us to get our lives back in order.

One of the things we brought over from my mother’s was the box full of our income tax materials for last year. The Government has extended the area’s filing deadline to October 15, but we’ve only recently gone back to our insurance company to ask them to take a third look at our claim, so exactly how are we supposed to be able to file our taxes in less than a month? Besides, the time it’ll take to organize our taxes could be much better spent putting down the floors in the upstairs hall, or finishing the pantry, or framing out the window in my office, or….

Good news this week: WHEN GODS DIE received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.